Monthly Archives: September 2014

SYN: Reboot

It has been more than one year since I last wrote here. My Bachelor thesis kept me very busy, but nevertheless I have some big updates.

While working on the project I learned a lot of new stuffs and I developed new ideas. Unfortunately they hardly integrate with the existing code, thus I decided that it is time to restart the project from scratch, designing it with flexibility and extensibility in mind.

Since the project is very ambitious I decided to make it open source and to search for collaborations. So if you are interested in working on it leave a comment and I will contact you! Here you can find the public repository of the project.

Let’s conclude with some images: Mandelbox viewMandelbox viewBoth images are views of the Mandelbox set with naïve coloring algorithm. Compared to existing fractal rendering softwares these images still look very simple and there is not much space  for customizations yet, but the road is still long. I am confident that the new version will bring big improvements.