First words

I have always been impressed by people spending hours writing tutorials, articles, making videos, releasing free softwares just for nothing. I mean: why do they do that? It’s a job for which you don’t get paid! As soon as I got the idea of starting my own blog I understood that I was completely wrong: it’s not a job, it’s a passion! Once you find something you are really interested in, then helping, writing and sharing knowledges looks very natural and rewarding.

The name of the blog (Synthverse) is the combination of two words: universe and synthesization. The idea I want to represent with these words is that with the help of a computer it is possible to create (synthesize) infinite virtual worlds (a universe). Images of these worlds can show an incredible variety of details.

I will start this blog talking mostly about SYN: a 3D fractal rendering software I am developing with a friend. I will present it in a later post. Then I will also cover topics like fractals and procedural generation as well as rendering techniques.

In the first post I will present SYN.

Until next time,


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